Consider Updating Your McLean, VA Break Room

Office Break Room Options in McLean, VA

The workplace including the office break room is changing. After the pendulum swung from everyone working at the office to a dramatic jump in remote employees, the pendulum is settling somewhere in the middle. McLean, VA companies are bringing their employees back to the office in hopes of fostering face-to-face collaboration, inspiring innovation, and increasing productivity. And thankfully, it isn’t back into cubeville or the dark, sparsely-decorated break room hidden somewhere at the back of the building. Companies are redesigning their environments to be open, communal areas with spaces designed to promote spontaneous work-related conversations and increase morale.

One area that is no longer left as an afterthought is the office break room. To learn more about what your McLean, VA employees need and want, try surveying them. They know what they want. A recent Staples survey found that “83 percent of employees say that a well-stocked break room results in happier employees, while 53 percent say that a well-stocked break room results in more productive employees.”

Break Room Options in McLean, VA

In 2018, there are a wide variety of options available including cafe-style coffee service and vending machines.

Vending Machines

  • Provide brand name snacks and beverages including traditional, healthy, organic, and sustainable options
  • Include easy payment methods such as cash, credit/debit and mobile
  • Built with environmentally-friendly technologies to decrease the carbon footprint  

Cafe-Style Coffee Service

  • Creates a gourmet coffee-house experience without leaving the office
  • Includes a variety of teas and specially sourced coffee beans and locally roasted coffees creating a unique coffee experience
  • Uses different brewing systems including single-cup brewers, traditional brewers, and commercial brewers

Which options will your employees prefer? Think of SunDun Office Refreshments as a partner that can help with your McLean, VA vending needs through the services that we offer. To learn more about vending machine options or cafe-style coffee service, contact us at 800.466.2731. We look forward to collaborating with you.