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Let employees express themselves through specialty coffee drinks.

Our office coffee service gives you more ways to build a workplace that talented employees will value.

Developing a workplace company culture using office coffee service in Washington DC

Offer a unique coffee break concept in your workplace, and see how the culture shifts. We offer the latest specialty drink offerings in traditional pots as well as versatile single-cup brewer options. Plus, get the creamers, sweeteners, flavorings, mixes and more that truly turn a break room into a workplace cafe.

Besides offering coffeeshop quality drinks, we also focus on sustainability with fair trade coffee and our cup-to-compost program. Fair trade ensures that coffee growers are paid fairly and practice environmentally sound growing practices. Making coffee better for the environment is also something we felt was important to bring to our Washington DC customers, so we collect your used coffee, deliver it to our compost facility and use it to enrich soil. The best part? We offer this service free!

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Proud to offer eco-friendly coffee through our partnership with Chesapeake bay Roasting

We are thrilled to offer coffee from a company focus on the environment and giving back to the community.

Install a workplace cafe

Inspire the exchange of ideas over a quality cup of coffee right in your break room.


For when you need a lot of high quality, exceptionally brewed coffee at once.

Tea Service

Tea is preferred by many Millennials as a day long drink with health benefits.

Hot cup of coffee with cream in a coffee mug and saucer
Single Cup

When you want to offer more coffee and drink variety using a single brewer.

Water Service

Enjoy more sustainable, pure tasting water with a filtered water cooler experience.

Invigorate your break room with better office coffee service options for a truly inviting company culture -- SunDun Office Refreshments at 800-466-2731 and Sales@sundun.com.

Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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