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Bringing innovative refreshment to your Washington DC break room.

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Mobile payments and sustainable practices

Vending machines in Washington DC at the cutting edge of service.

By utilizing the newest, most advanced technology in our business, we are able to offer exceptional convenience to our customers and reduce our carbon footprint. We remotely monitor our vending machines to ensure they are working and can take payment via cash, credit/debit card or mobile device. We use systems to optimize our service schedule reducing the number of vehicles we drive on the road, lowering emissions. Technology has increased product packing in the warehouse, to create efficient delivery at your locations.

  • Pick-to-light technology creates prepacked totes with just what your location needs
  • All vending machines we place are built to specifications for efficient energy use
  • We focus on recycling, reusing, and energy efficiency throughout our facility
  • Enjoy payment with cashless options such as credit and debit card or mobile
  • We review each vending machine in real time to see exactly what it needs and when
  • Vending machines with built-in product delivery sensors and online monitoring

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Let us compost your used coffee -- for free!

You collect your used coffee in biodegradable bags, and we will pick it up, and take it to our composting site in Maryland where it turns into soil enriching compost -- for no additional charge.

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Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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