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4 Fantastic Color Scheme Ideas for Your Gaithersburg, MD Break Room

The right color scheme can have a powerful impact on your employees. For instance, did you know that color promotes productivity? It can also lower stress. Thus, picking the perfect color for your Gaithersburg, MD break room is important.

Need some ideas? Here are four colors that can complement your Gaithersburg, MD break room services.

1. Blue Color Scheme for Calmness

Want to prioritize peacefulness? If so, paint your break room blue. Studies have shown that blue is a calming color. During a hectic workday, employees can unwind in your blue break room. Taking a mini break helps them recharge. Therefore, they’ll return to their desks feeling energized.

Additionally, blue can improve focus levels. As such, use this color around your Gaithersburg, MD vending machines. Or, try it near seating spaces. Employees can enjoy a healthy snack as they relax. They’ll also feel more focused after their break.

2. Creams and Whites

Using whites and off-whites can decrease stress. This can be useful to avoid employees feeling frazzled. After all, stress can interfere with work. Therefore, try to create a relaxing environment for breaks. White and creams can do just that.

Promote workplace wellness with white cabinets or backsplashes. These create pops of brightness. Also, it’s a neutral color. Thus, it can keep stress at bay and help your team relax.

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A white color scheme is a great backdrop against darker coffee brewers. It can add style to the break room. Furthermore, white will help employees feel refreshed as they help themselves to your Gaithersburg, MD office coffee service. As a result, they’ll be re-energized.

3. A Sophisticated Color Scheme

Want your Gaithersburg, MD break room to feel contemporary? Try green, gray, or black. These colors signify sophistication. Moreover, they’ll make your break room look sleek. Try an open concept break room that looks great in contemporary workplaces. Plus, you can stock an endless assortment of items. Keep bars, snacks, and candy available for your employees to enjoy.

4. Mellow Yellow

Lastly, shades of yellow keep the mood light. It adds instant cheer to your break room. Therefore, it can boost employee morale. Happy employees are more likely to stick around. As a result, it can increase retention.

Gaithersburg, MD subsidized vending can do the same for retention. Discounted food is a fun perk. We can help stock your vending machines with lots of goodies. For instance, nuts, chips, vitamin water and soda.

Great Break Room Solutions for Every Color Scheme

To conclude, the right color goes a long way toward enhancing your break room. Blue can calm, whereas yellow can spread joy. Additionally, consider upgrading your break room solutions. This will keep your staff happy.

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