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Enliven your Washington DC coffee break with Hawaiian Coffee

Kauai Coffee products in Washington DC Washington DC Kauai Coffee products

Perfectly roasted
Arabica beans

Kauai coffee uses an exceptional blend of Hawaiian-grown Arabica beans delivering a slightly sweet coffee with floral notes.

Sustainable land

The 3,100-acre coffee plantation is the largest in the U.S. and home to many innovative growing and harvesting practices.

The flavor of
coffee paradise

Fertile volcanic soil, clean mountain rain, warm Pacific sun, and the gentle Hawaiian trade winds all produce an ideal coffee-growing environment.

Explore coffee perfection – Kauai Coffee from Hawaii

A taste of coffee paradise.

The lush growing conditions ensure Kauai coffee is full of flavor. The medium roast blend is mild and smooth offering a sweet bright aroma along with complex flavors of cocoa, honey, and licorice. In contrast, the dark roast Hawaiian coffee has a soft, yet bold acidity that develops over time like fine wine. You’ll taste notes of rich chocolate, molasses and aromatic wood.

Largest drip irrigation coffee estate in the world

Over 2,500 miles of drip tubing delivers water and fertilizers directly to tree roots, minimizing water waste and eliminating poor air-quality that comes from dusting coffee plants. It’s more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Better Soil. Better Fruit.
Better Coffee.

Processing techniques that reuse water and pulp

Water from the irrigation system is diverted during coffee processing, then filtered and reapplied to coffee fields. Cherry pulp and mulch from pruning is used to add nutrients back into the soil and to naturally control weeds in the fields.

Premium Hawaiian Coffee to
improve on the daily Grind.

The buzz around Hawaiian coffee continues to grow. Now is the perfect time to expand your beverage offering with Kauai Coffee®. Bring the best of this popular coffee.

Satisfy the craving for unique coffee at work with a delicious Hawaiian variety available
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