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Focused on a greener tomorrow

Our business centers on sustainable service, so we can all enjoy the earth for years to come.

Committed to one world

Operating in a green way is more than lip service, but a mission at SunDun.

We utilize technology to reduce the fuel and number of vehicles we have driving on the road. We recycle product packaging and created a way to compost used coffee for our customers.

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Green Vending

Energy star rated vending machine with LED lighting that lowers energy bills.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Roasters

Partner with a coffee roaster dedicated to preparing great coffee in a sustainable way.

Eco-Friendly Water Filtration

Eliminate plastic bottles, but still offer that pure, delicious tasting water, hot or cold.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Using technology to make our operations more green, such as using less fuel.

Reduce, reuse, recycle mug

Cup to Compost Program™

Composting your organizations nitrogen-rich coffee grounds improves the health of soil and often acts in place of harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus promoting water retention and helping to restore local wildlife. Not to mention the myriad of additional environmental benefits. It's a positive solution we are happy to offer. As part of the Cup to Compost™ program you are reducing your company's carbon footprint as well as giving your office building the chance to earn points towards a LEED certification. SunDuns Cup to Compost™ qualifies for LEED points under the EB:OM rating system, MRc7 " Solid Waste Management, On-going Consumables.

  • We provide 5 gallon collection buckets & biodegradable liners
  • You discard used coffee ground and filters in the collection bucket
  • We pick up the used coffee when delivering to your location
  • We bring all the used grounds to our compost operation in Brandywine, MD
  • Our compost is used to improve water retention in soil & wildlife restoration

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Ensuring a better life

Opting for Fair Trade is a small change that has a big effect on coffee farming communities.

  • Provide farming families in the developing work liveable wages and a fair price.
  • Develop community programs for healthcare, improvement, and education.
  • Drive a movement of developing and implementing environmental stewardship.
  • Create a positive change in the world by choosing one small product change.
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