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Reston’s Source for the Latest in Vending Machine Technology

You need fuel for your Reston operation, so why not check with SunDun Office Refreshments for a comprehensive vending machine program. We have the beverage and snack vending machines you’re looking for, complete with a huge selection of items. You choose what fills your machines, not us. Also, we are open to unique vending agreements, such as subsidized and free vending, to provide an even further fringe benefit to your people.

Reston office coffee service hot tea with lemon and honey on an office desk in Vienna

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Reston

People need coffee to operate at peak performance, and offices in Reston are no different. Rather than getting by with your current coffee setup, why not ensure a better cup with an office coffee program from SunDun Office Refreshments. We provide and maintain all types of coffee brewers, from traditional by-the-pot machines to ones that brew by the cup. Then we support these machines with a large variety of brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas.

Water quality an issue at your office? Our bottleless water filters can take care of that. Our units hook directly to your tap to provide better tasting, healthier water at a moment’s notice.

Get more from your vending program with SunDun Office Refreshments. E-mail sales@sundun.com or call 800-466-2371.

Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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