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Landover vending machines

Landover’s Vending Machine Authority

Nobody has the variety of vending machines to serve Landover businesses like SunDun Office Refreshments. We have many types of vending equipment, from standard beverage and snack machines to more unique offerings, such as healty vending machines. We’re known for our flexibility. The products that fill your break room is customizable to fit your personal needs. Even if we don’t have some of the items you want, we’re happy to comply with special requests. We also are known for our vending program flexibility. Ask about our unique subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Landover

Whether you’re looking to provide traditional brewing equipment or single-cup brewing machines in your Landover office, SunDun Office Refreshments has what you need. And we have the brands, types and flavors of both coffees and teas that your employees prefer. Coffee machines are installed for free, and not only will we come back regularly to maintain your brewers and restock your supply, we’ll also stock other break room items such as, disposable coffee cups, coffee creamers, stir sticks, napkins etc.

Our water filtration services offer a simple way to improve office water quality at your Landover workplace. Simply hook one of our bottleless filters to your water supply and enjoy better water – hot or cold – from the tap.

Landover office coffee service

Installing Micro-Markets in Landover

Get something new and exciting for your Landover office with a Micro-Market from SunDun Office Refreshments. It’s like a corner store built right into your break room. We outfit your office with attractive displays, efficient coolers and ample racks, and then fill them with your choice of hundreds of products. What makes Micro-Markets really special is their self-sufficient capabilities. Your employees walk into the store, pick what they want, and handle the transaction themselves at the self-checkout kiosks. It’s a great way to boost both morale and productivity.

E-mail sales@sundun.com or call 800-466-2371 to get started with SunDun Office Refreshments today.

Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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