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Bethesda vending machines

A Variety of Vending Machines for Bethesda Businesses

Help your Bethesda employees get through the day with energy by providing vending machines from SunDun Office Refreshments. We have many types of machines, from standard snack vending machines to healthy vending machines. The product selection to fill these machines is impressive too, and it’s completely up to your discretion. We’re very flexible with product selection and vending agreements. If there’s something your people want in your break room that we don’t currently office, just let us know. We’re happy to comply with special requests. Also, ask about our “subsidized” and “free” vending agreements to achieve a higher level of fringe benefit.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Bethesda

SunDun Office Refreshments serves Bethesda businesses with the brands, flavors and types of coffee that people want, brewed by coffee equipment to best handle your office size. Choose from more standard coffee brewers to the ever-popular single-cup brewers. Beyond providing a great variety of coffees and teas, we also will regularly stock your break room with other necessary items.

Our water filtration service for your Bethesda location features bottleless units that plug directly to your water supply to deliver better tasting, healthier from the tap. It’s great to add to an office coffee service or as a drink on its own.

Bethesda office coffee service

Bethesda’s Micro-Market Authority

Want more for your Bethesda office than a few vending machines? Ask about SunDun Office Refreshments’ Micro-Market service. We take a portion of your facility and turn it into a mini convenience store, complete with attractive displays, coolers and racks, and filled with a variety of snacks, foods and beverages. The selection is completely up to you. All your people need to do is walk in, select the items they want and bring them to the self-service kiosks. There they handle the transaction themselves and head out to enjoy.

Find out what SunDun can do for you. Contact us at sales@sundun.com or 800-466-2731 today.

Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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