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Baltimore vending machines

Baltimore’s Leading Vending Machine Services

Looking for snack or beverage vending machines for your Baltimore business? Just call SunDun Office Refreshments. We have the products and brands your people actually want, including healthier items, served by the latest vending machines. Whether you choose standard snack or Coke/Pepsi vending machines, or something more unique like healthy vending machines, all machines are installed for free…and we’ll regularly return to maintain and stock them.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Designed for Baltimore

Good morning Baltimore! That’s what your employees will be exclaiming every day when you add an office coffee service from SunDun Office Refreshments. Our services start with the brewing machine, with options to fit any sized operation. Choose from larger volume, by-the-pot brewers down to the more nimble single-cup brewers. Coffee and tea selection includes the many brands, types and flavors people prefer. We’ll install the machine, and then come back regularly to restock your supply…as well as any items you need for your break room. Our water filtration services can help you achieve better quality water to support an office coffee program or as a drink on its own. These bottleless water filters hook up to your water supply, so you can get better water by simply turning a faucet.

Baltimore office coffee service

Micro-Markets Available in Baltimore

SunDun Office Refreshments is ready to transform your Baltimore break room into a self-sustaining Micro-Market. Like a mini convenience store, we’ll work with you to design the space to include attractive displays, coolers and racks, and then we’ll fill them with a huge variety of drinks, snacks and foods items. Once the store is ready, it basically runs itself. Customers can walk in, grab all the items they want, and scan them at the integrated self-checkout kiosks. A swipe of a credit or debit card, and they’re off to enjoy.

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Treat your office to sophisticated and dependable refreshment with SunDun, the Washington D.C. break room service experts.

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